Monday 9th January 2012

Having reached 40 years of age and never having learnt to drive, my boss asked me to have a go at driving lessons. I agreed and she put me in contact with Stuart Finlay. Being a very nervous person I dreaded the phone call from him to arrange the first lesson but it happened.

Stuart is a great instructor to have and he helped me with my nerves and fears of learning to drive, he is a very patient and friendly instructor who calmed me down on my lessons when I was most nervous. He also built up my confidence and made me feel positive as I approached my test date after 7 months of lessons. When necessary he took me back to basics till I felt I was ready to move onto the next stage.

Stuart never doubted my ability to drive even though I doubted myself a lot, he gave me lots of support and treated me as an individual. Thanks to Stuart for all the support and help he gave me and also for the laughs we had that made lessons less stressful.

I passed 1st time and I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who wants to learn to drive

Thanks Stuart!