Mr. S. Beckett

Wednesday 18th January 2012

My Experience With Mr. Stuart Finlay As My Driving Instructor: I passed my driving test and the Pass Plus Programme under Mr. Stuart Finlay's supervision.

Mr. Finlay was my driving instructor for about eight months, and I found him a very knowledgable and kind man. At the beginning, I tried to learn driving with three different instructors from different companies, but all of them were usless and users only, and solely by chance I met Mr. Finlay, but I stayed with him till I passed the test.

I am a very mature and educated man, and I know who is using and who is not. Mr. Finlay really teaches well because he is honest in his proffesion, and and his fee also is very reasonable.

I would recomend everyone, who needs a real quality driving instructor, an honest man who doesn't waste time, and a highly knowledgable teacher who knows alot in driving, must go to Stuart Finlay for sure.

Finally, I must say that I owe you a great debt of gratitude Stuart and God bless you, Sir.