Matt MacGregor

Friday 6th January 2012

Stuart is a fantastic driving instructor. He is clear, patient, and more than happy to tailor everything to suit your personal way of learning. His focus is always on providing the best possible lesson-experience for every pupil that sits in the front seat of his car.

The atmosphere in lessons is supportive and relaxed, and there is always encouragement and praise for working hard and subsequently improving that little bit extra. Even when the going gets tough and it feels like you've hit a brick wall, Stuart is always there in lessons pushing you to persevere and to overcome any problems to the absolute best of your abilities.

His reliability and punctuality is impeccable and he will always drop you off at school/home/town etc. after a lesson as suits you.

All in all, Stuart is a brilliant teacher and I am very glad that I chose to learn with him.

Matthew MacGregor