Natalie Moseley

Wednesday 16th October 2013

Hi Stuart, thankyou so much for teaching me to drive!
I'd been very anxious about getting back behind the wheel after trying and failing as a teenager. I'd spent years feeling disappointed about not being able to drive, so when friends were learning to drive and passing their tests I asked about instructors and Stuart was very highly recommended. They were absolutely right. He was very kind and patient and gave me back my confidence. He is easy to get on with and seems very relaxed but still manages to react instantly if there is a need to! I felt totally safe knowing if I did anything silly he had a brake pedal right there. He has been absolutely fantastic at giving me the support I needed, going over I don't know how many times things I took ages to learn and calmly repeating things till I could do it. All the things I dreaded, like turning right at roundabouts I can now do confidently and I was able to pass my practical driving test with just four faults. You couldn't find a better driving instructor.