Thomas Mann

Thursday 5th November 2015

I began as a completely new driver 7 months ago and was suggested Finlay driving school by my mother. The first lesson covered the absolute basics of driving and was a really comfortable introduction to the daunting experience of driving a car for the first time. The dual foot pedal car meant that Stuart had full control over the vehicle which made it a very safe and less stressful experience. 


In the rest of the lessons all the manoeuvres were explained thoroughly using diagrams and then demonstrated before I attempted them. Stuart kept a critical eye on my driving at all times which helped correct all my bad habits and made me a better safer driver.


On the day of the test we did an hours worth of practice before hand going through all the manoeuvres and an efficient drive around key problem spots around the test centre area. I feel this really helped me pass as a large part of the driving test route, I had already been on earlier during practice. Also it greatly helped with calming pre test nerves.


A high standard of tutoring  and assessment allowed me to pass first time. Plus I feel that I wasn't a natural at learning to drive and quite slow to learn. But now I feel competent and confident in my driving ability  and really happy that I passed, Thanks Stuart.