Tom Oakes

Sunday 28th February 2016

I started lessons with Stuart late summer 2015. 5-6 months later and i've passed my test first time. 

I am really pleased I picked Finlay School of Motoring

Stuart was recommended and is a great driving instructor.

He went at a pace that was comfortable for me, as a learner and after day one the nerves just disappeared. He speaks to you as a person, is reassuring and he talks on your level so you know what he expects of you. 

He is calm, patient, helpful and motivating. 

Each lesson is booked with a clear structure and a clear view of what you need to achieve during the period you are with him. He is reliable with lesson bookings and with the Progress Card you can map every stage to see the clear progress. 

I think the idea of block booking is great particularly with 2 hour lesson slots because you don't feel as though you have not been rushing through. He works through everything step by step, and will guide you with any areas you particularly struggle with. 

I couldn't speak more highly of him, and would recommend him to anyone for tuition. 

Thanks again Stuart! 

Tom Oakes