Brittany winter

Sunday 18th March 2018

I was recommended to stuart through his son, Sam, after complaining to him that the instructor I had at the current time i didn't like. I'm very glad I listened to Sam as Stuart is a fantastic instructor. Every lesson was a massive push in the right direction as his lessons are very clear and very structured, which is what's needed (especially if you're nervous).
I also think that stuart is very good as he is very flexible around you, and is very reliable with lessons with very good prices!! I would definitely recommend a block booking for 2 hours each lesson as you can fit more in.
Also when starting my lessons, a progress card was given which was very good as it gave a clear understanding of how I was doing with my driving. This helped a lot as we could then focus on my weak points.
Overall I think Stuart is a great teacher and a good laugh. I would 100% recommend him to anyone! Thank you for helping me pass, I couldn't of done it without you! ??